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Employment Law Advice


As seasoned employment law litigators, we are experienced in running both High Court and Employment Tribunal litigation, from multi-million pound bonus disputes to lower value matters which nevertheless have potentially grave reputational consequences. We work hard to help our clients reach their preferred outcome, whether by negotiation, mediation or through the judicial process, swiftly and with the least possible stress, disruption and expense.

Organisational change

We have assisted many clients in managing the employment law issues arising in connection with organisational change ranging from internal reorganisations and restructurings to mergers, acquisitions and divestments, including advising on individual and collective consultation. 

Corporate Governance

Our experience of advising on matters of corporate governance is extensive, both under the UK Corporate Governance Code and in the Education sector. 


We advise on the aspects of regulatory regimes that affect employers and their employees and workers, including the Financial Conduct Authority's and Prudential Regulation Authority’s senior managers, senior insurance managers and certification regimes, and the ABPI's Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.